TOR PARTNERSHIP: Expanding Tor Token's Global Reach

At Tor Bet, we’re on a mission to take Tor Token beyond our platform and into the global betting arena, alongside the USDB stable token. We recognize that many global websites aren’t yet part of the web3 ecosystem, and we’re committed to bridging this gap by developing an essential feature – AUTH.

1. AUTH Feature: Bridging Web3 and Traditional Betting Sites

We understand that most global betting sites don’t operate on web3 platforms. To enable seamless integration and empower these websites to function like web3 platforms, we’ve been hard at work on our AUTH feature. This innovative addition allows non-web3 betting sites to easily facilitate bets using Tor Token.

2. How AUTH Works

Betting websites interested in utilizing Tor Token for bets can apply through the Tor official website. Upon approval, we will provide them with a unique key for integration. This key, combined with a postback URL from their end, enables a smooth and secure integration with the TOR platform, allowing users to bet with Tor Token effortlessly.

3. Empowering Partners and Anonymity
Through the Tor Partnership feature, we aim to not only expand Tor Token’s user base but also empower partner betting sites. These sites can offer a broader range of betting options to customers who value anonymity.

4. Revenue Sharing
Betting sites using Tor Token will only have 1% of their earnings deducted as a commission by Tor Bet. The remaining 99% will be transferred to the wallet address specified by the betting site within our system. This fair and transparent revenue-sharing model ensures that our partners benefit directly from their Tor Token-based betting activities.

In summary, Tor Partnership is not just about growth; it’s about creating a symbiotic ecosystem where both Tor Token and partner betting sites thrive. As we expand Tor Token’s reach and foster collaboration, we’re paving the way for a more inclusive and decentralized future in the world of betting.

Join us on this exciting journey as an investor and be part of a transformative project that’s redefining the future of cryptocurrency in the betting industry. Invest in Tor Token today and help shape the future of betting.