Tor Bet Lottery: A Unique Opportunity for Engaging Users

The Tor Bet project leverages web3 technology to offer a distinctive feature known as the “Lottery.” Users access this feature through their digital wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. The platform maintains a designated pool wallet exclusively for the lottery, where users send their Tor Tokens. The more tokens contributed, the higher the chance of winning the lottery.

On the draw day, the lottery takes place, with the top user receiving 80% of the Tor Tokens accumulated in the pool. The second and third place users win 10% and 5% of the tokens, respectively. The remaining 5% remains within the Tor Bet platform.

Through the “Lottery” feature, Tor Bet users not only engage in an exhilarating experience but also have the opportunity to enhance the value of their Tor Tokens.

Global Participation and Value Enhancement:

The Tor Bet platform opens up lottery participation to users worldwide. Each lottery event conducted on the platform retains a 5% commission, contributing to the overall value increase of Tor Tokens.

While 95% of the rewards are distributed to users, the remaining 5% commission is accrued in the platform wallet. Plans are in place to distribute these accumulated Tor Tokens among three lucky winners, though considerations for draws involving five or ten participants are also being explored.

Lottery Program Workflow 

The Tor Bet platform offers a dynamic and exciting lottery program fueled by Tor Tokens. The workflow is as follows:

  1. User Connection: Users connect to the TORBET application using their wallets.
  2. Token Contribution: Users send Tor Tokens to the pool, with a minimum requirement of 100 Tor Tokens. Additional tokens increase winning chances.
  3. Token Accumulation: The system accumulates Tor Tokens in the pool until the lottery date.
  4. Lottery Draw: The system automatically conducts the lottery a week after the launch.
  5. Chances of Winning: Token contribution directly affects chances. More tokens mean more opportunities to win.
  6. Prize Distribution: Prizes are distributed to three winners: 80% to the first, 10% to the second, and 5% to the third.
  7. Remaining Tokens: Post-prize distribution, 5% of Tor Tokens remain within the platform.
  8. Lottery Wallet: The lottery employs Txn Hash and Quantity values from bscscan for transparency. A separate wallet is dedicated solely to the lottery, enhancing security and transparency.

The TORBET lottery program is an exciting avenue for users to engage using Tor Tokens. Contributions increase winning chances, and an automated prize distribution system ensures fairness. With the dedicated lottery wallet, the program ensures transparency, security, and reliability.