Phase 1
Creating the algorithm of the project
Creation of the project core team
Creation of the project software team
Tor Bet design work
Tor bet website and application software startup
Preparing the whitepaper of the project
Completion of the official website of the project
Phase 2
Global Marketing Campaign 01
Google SEO studies
Advertising on Global Websites
Torbet API integrations
Torbet Testing Process
Staking Work Start
Social Media Campaign 01
Phase 3
X Tor bet V.01 Platform(website) Release to Community (football, basketball, lottery)
X Completion of Blue bet APPS (webview)
X Partnership Studies
X Capital Meetings
X Stock Exchange Meetings
X Launchpad
X CEX OR DEX Listing
X Staking Start
Phase 4
X Global Marketing Campaign 02
X Social Marketing Campaign 02
X Tor bet V.02 Platform Release to Community (Other Sports)
X CEX Listing
X Marketing Campaing 03
X Completion of Tor bet APPS (IOS & Android) v.01
X Completion of Tor bet Website (Other Branches)