Tor Bet Referral System

We have developed the Tor Bet Referral system to help Tor Bet Platform and Tor Token reach new users. The Tor Bet referral system is designed to facilitate the outreach of Tor Bet to new users.

A specific amount of tor tokens has been allocated as a resource for the Tor Bet referral system. Participating in the Tor Bet referral system is easy and rewarding. For instance, when a user connects to the Tor Bet platform with their Metamask wallet, they can copy their unique referral link from the “Your Referral Link” section in the “Your Coupons” area and share it with others. By clicking on the referral link and connecting to the Tor Bet platform, the referred person’s wallet is recorded in our system. You earn 10% of the tor tokens from the first bet made by the person who connected through your referral link.

Here’s an example: You give your referral link to someone, and they connect to the Tor Bet platform through this link. This person can choose to place a bet, say, 10 days later. When they make a bet, 10% of the bet amount in tor tokens will be automatically credited to your wallet. If a user bets $1000, $100 worth of tor tokens will be added to your wallet. The referral system is valid for a limited time and is intended for promotional purposes for Tor Bet.